Seoul City Stomp

11.23 토 21:00 ~ 11.24 03:00 Living Room Seoul #파티

It's that time again. We've been digging in the crates since our last outing to bring you the very finest curation of 60s and 70s soul, ska and reggae, on 100% vinyl. Collectors and Selectors for the evening are: Pablo Winchester (Northern Soul, 60s RnB, Modern Soul: UK) Shinji (Ska, Roots, Reggae: Japan) Entry is free, drinking is most certainly advised, and dancing is compulsory. Get on it. #이태원 #해방촌 #클럽 #펍 #리빙룸 #리빙룸서울 ‘Seoul City Stomp’ 소식부터 생생한 현장 모습, 그리고 후기까지! 타임라인을 통해 함께 이벤트를 즐기고 있는 사람들과 행복한 순간을 공유해 보세요. * 본 이벤트는 주최/주관사가 아닌 컴업에 의해 등록되었습니다.

Living Room Seoul