Dualizm01 - Psychedelic Playground

Sat 8 Dec 22:00 ~ 9 Dec 05:00 서교동 362-12 명월관 #파티

[DUALIZM] 이원론(Dualism)은 세계나 사상을 두 개의 상호간에 '독립'하는 원리 또는 원소로 설명한다. 플레이그라운드의 2018년 마지막 두 파티는 서로 다른 시간과 공간에서 펼쳐질 두 파티를 상호 '독립'적인 놀이터로 해석해보았다. '싸이키델릭'과 '테크노' 서로 다른 두 이름으로 두 장르를 모두 플레이하는 2명의 해외 디제이 Koi와 Apnea.. 전혀 다른 시공간에서 전혀 다른 장르로 풀어낼 그들의 '이원론'적인 셋이 관전 포인트이다. --------------------------------------- Dualism describes the world or idea as a principle or element that is 'independent' between two things. The last two parties of Playground 2018, interpreted the two parties to happen at different times and spaces as mutually independent playgrounds. 'Psychedelic' and 'Techno' Two overseas DJs Koi and Apnea, to play both genres with two different names It is a point of observation that two of their 'dualism' that will be released in completely different genres in different time and space. --------------------------------------- ▶ Koi vs Psychotik (Playground, Thailand) ▶ Apnea vs DNY (Magic Phangan Recs, Belgium) ----------------------------------------- [Dualizm01] - Psychedelic Playground - 2018.12.8 Sat. @ MWG, Seoul [Live+DJ set] ♬ Escape (24/7 records, UK) https://www.facebook.com/escapemusicuk/ https://soundcloud.com/escapemusicuk [International DJs] ♬ Apnea (Magic Phangan/Maharetta Rec., Belgium) https://www.facebook.com/Dj.Apnea/ https://soundcloud.com/apnea ♬ Koi (Playground, Thailand) https://www.facebook.com/playgroundskorea https://soundcloud.com/playgroundkorea [DJs] ♬ Gamma Knife (Chameleon, Korea) https://www.facebook.com/nam931020 https://soundcloud.com/gammakn1fe ♬ Illumi (Korea) https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003086114439 ♬ Ssongg (Playground, Korea) https://www.facebook.com/djanessongg/ https://soundcloud.com/djanessongg [VJ] ♬ Ra (Rara Media, Korea) https://www.facebook.com/astro.ra.5 [Photography] ♬ Stillm45 (Disco Experience) https://www.facebook.com/stillm45/ Entrance - 15,000 KRW (with 1 Free Drink) ===========================

서교동 362-12 명월관